How to Lower Your Gas Bill in Winter

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how to lower your gas bill in winter

Would you like to know how to lower your gas bill in winter? While many are looking forward to the upcoming holiday season, the same cannot be said regarding high energy costs. This is often the time of the year when consumers will be required to tighten their belts and energy companies will ultimately reap the rewards. 

Unfortunately, gas prices are on the rise and most households will be facing steep rate increases. This is particularly reflected in the actions taken by Electric Ireland which recently stated that monthly electricity prices will rise by 9.3% and gas prices by 7% from 1 November. This equates to roughly a €9 increase in the electric bill and a €5 increase in the gas bill. 
What can homeowners do to avoid these financial headaches? While switching gas providers may be one option, there are other strategies to consider. The team at AD Services, one of the top-rated construction companies in Cork have put together a handful of useful suggestions to help you save money.

Online Billing

Knowing how to lower your gas bill in winter involves a bit of modern technology. Were you aware that online billing might be able to save you money? Most suppliers will offer slightly lower rates if you forego the post (as it costs them to send the invoices). When possible, select online billing as an option. This is also an excellent way to keep track of how much money you are spending.

Is Switching Suppliers an Option?

Compare different suppliers for their deals. Using the likes of Bonkers can help with choosing the right supplier for you. Look online to better determine what others happen to be offering. There are times when you may be able to save hundreds of euros each year. 
Make sure you always read the terms and conditions. Make it a point to determine what type of early termination fees you may face if you decide to switch providers. There are times when this move is the best choice.

How to Lower Your Gas Bill in Winter with the NightSaver Meter

If you are planning a loft conversion or a similar renovation project soon, installing a NightSaver meter could be an excellent choice. This system has been designed to shift up to 30 per cent of your energy consumption to the overnight hours. As the rates are lower after a certain time of the evening, this is an excellent strategy.  
Although consumers may pay slightly higher for their daytime rates, these expenses will be offset by impressive savings as you sleep. Keep in mind that this approach should be used in combination with a handful of other techniques.

The Use of Plug-In Timers

If you have recently completed a bedroom or bathroom renovation, you might have already been made aware of why plug-in timers can come in handy. These clever devices will cut off power to specific appliances during the overnight hours. Why is this important? Believe it or not, some systems consume power even when they do not appear to be turned on.  
Plug-in timers are great ways to make sure that you are not spending money on items that are no longer in use. These timers are cheap and can be used throughout the home. Knowing how to lower your gas bill in winter is much easier with user-friendly timers.

Clever Ways to Limit Your Energy Consumption

Let’s also not fail to mention that there are numerous ways in which you can lower your gas bill with a bit of common sense. One interesting method involves checking for any leaks that might exist around exterior windows and doors. While this might not be relevant if you have recently built a living room or kitchen extension, the same cannot be said for older Cork homes. Simply holding a candle up to where a leak is suspected will quickly highlight if a problem exists. You can then use a cost-effective can of insulating spray foam to solve the problem. Here are some other suggestions if you hope to learn how to lower your gas bill in winter months:  

  • Reduce the temperature of your thermostat when sleeping. 
  • Only heat rooms that are occupied. 
  • Let in plenty of sunlight during the day. 
  • Purchase insulating window blinds, as these can help to retain heat. 
  • Examine the insulation found within your loft and between your walls (known as cavity wall insulation) for any faults. 

Learning how to lower your gas bill in winter involves a bit of forward-thinking. The good news is that there are more methods you can adopt at home. 

Long-Term Fixes to Save Even More Money Over the Winter

Your home is where you spend a lot of your time. Make it the ideal space you’ve always dreamed of. It could be a good idea to undertake a project such as an extension or conversion, an idea you may have been considering for some time. The team at AD Services can offer a host of solutions, so be sure to speak with us. A brand-new, up to date extension will help lower gas bills in winter months. 
Purchasing double-glazed windows are one solution. This type of design will retain much more heat when compared to a single pane of glass. If you cannot afford these, place insulating plastic sheets around your windows when the temperatures outside begin to fall. These can be purchased from any local hardware store. 
Did you know that humidity can wreak havoc on your winter gas bills? Humid environments cause your body to lose more heat. So, you will tend to feel colder and turn up the thermostat. If you feel that your home is too humid, invest in a portable dehumidifier. Some of these units can reduce airborne moisture content by as much as 50 per cent; keeping your rooms warmer. 
A final tip from the team at AD Services involves your water heater and the surrounding pipes. Regardless of the type of heater, these units can be prone to losing heat. Make sure that your boiler is properly insulated. Insulating blankets and cylindrical strips of foam will help your boiler to retain more heat. Of course, be sure that regular maintenance is carried out so that small problems can be found before they become major issues.  

Keeping the Cold at Bay: Knowing How to Lower Your Gas Bill in Winter

What is your average gas bill in the winter? If you have been struggling to make ends meet in the past, there is no doubt that this season will prove to be even more challenging. The good news is that there are always options to consider when trying to save more on your bills. Many of the suggestions mentioned above can be employed even if you are dealing with a limited budget.  
AD Services understands many Cork homeowners are looking to learn how to lower gas bills in winter and we are always here to help. In addition to providing timely advice, we offer additional services including: 

Winters in Ireland can be challenging, but there is simply no reason to be “left out in the cold” with so many available options. Please feel free to give us a call. We are always happy to provide additional advice or to explain our services in greater detail. 

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We have 20 years of experience in every aspect of building renovations and are proud to say we offer far more than the average builders Cork has to offer.

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