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Renovations, new builds, extensions, and a host of other construction-related projects can fill even the most stoic of property owners with dread, and not without good reason. Whether it is creeping budgets, overrunning completion times, or simply the stress of trying to manage so many moving parts, it’s not many people’s idea of a fun time. Contact us today to be in touch with one of the best construction companies Cork has throughout the county. 

Thinking of renovating your home? AD Services is one of the leading construction companies Cork has to offer.

We at AD Services Building Contractors—one of the most trusted construction companies Cork has—have twenty years of experience in completing construction projects of all sorts, from office maintenance work to full new builds. There is no construction job that we consider too big or small, and we tackle any work we take on with the same high level of dedication. You will have one single point of contact to deal with, who will take all the hassle and uncertainty out of your construction project. 

Construction Services

Quite often the most-used room in the house, kitchens being too small is a common complaint from homeowners. Fortunately, we can help you make the most of your kitchen extension, increasing the usable space you have.

No matter how much we love our home, it can start to feel a bit cramped at times. Particularly if you are starting a family. Whatever your reasons for wanting a house extension, whether it is a small lean-to garage or a full side extension, we can take care of it.

Conservatories—also known as sunrooms—let you create the perfect intermediary space between the inside and outside of your property. Letting plenty of natural light while keeping you safe and sound inside, an ideal place to relax no matter the season.

For many, a loft represents a lot of practical space that could be put to good use. We agree, which is why we have plenty of experience with loft conversions. Turning your attic into liveable space requires a lot of expertise, but we will make sure it is done right.

Bathroom renovations are the kind of job that can seem like a relatively small project until you get stuck in. We have the expertise to give you a full breakdown of what a project will entail, and we will take care of every aspect of it, from tiling walls to finishing ceilings and, of course, the plumbing.

Office Maintenance

Whether it be restoring or renovating existing office spaces or performing a full fit-out of a new space, we can ensure your office is just the way you want it. In our many years in the trade, we have worked with a lot of prestigious companies to deliver top quality office maintenance.

Our Commitment to you, Our Clients

Your Time
is Valuable

Construction has something of a bad reputation for drifting completion times, but we at AD Services Building Contractors understand the importance of a reliable completion time. We know your life cannot just grind to a halt because of delays in your renovation project, which is why we manage every aspect of the build and work closely with our third-party contractors to ensure potential problems can be dealt with before they can hold things up.

Your Budget is
not Just a Guide

Much as it is with time, construction projects are notorious for final costing being higher than the initial quote. As one of the leading construction companies Cork has, we pride ourselves on being able to stay within the given budget of a project. We can achieve this thanks to a combination of our vast experience—which helps us give more accurate quotes in the first place—as well as our close management of all aspects of the project—which ensures we are able to factor in every aspect of the job.

Your Project
is Important

Regardless of whether your project is a commercial renovation, an extension to your residential home, or even just plastering some walls in a small one-off job, we know that your project is important, no matter how big or small the job. We treat all our clients with the same level of care and attention to detail, and we will always be forthcoming with ideas we believe will help our clients achieve their goal. Being as experienced as we are, we can help our clients find the best way to get the desired result.

Home Improvement Grants

Construction projects are expensive, from small jobs like constructing a wall to complete renovations of an entire building, there are a lot of often unforeseen costs involved. Fortunately, in some cases, there are grants available to help you cover the costs of these projects.
These home improvement grants are typically there to help the older and less mobile members of our society and can cover the costs of installing the likes of wheelchair ramps and handrails. Any work that is likely to make a property more accessible to people who are not as mobile, could be eligible for such a grant.
As one of the top construction companies Cork has, we strive to help our clients in every aspect of the project, and we will work with you to make sure you attain any of these grants that you are entitled to. If you think you might be eligible for such a grant, let us know when you contact us about your project, and we’ll be happy to give you all the necessary information.

Our Core Company Skills:

Professional Home Extensions

Home extensions may not be a complete new build, but they are still an incredibly involved project with many moving parts. From start to finish, it can be a heavy load.
AD Services Building Contractors are considered one of the best construction companies Cork has to offer. We will oversee the whole project from start to finish, including every little detail, ensuring that every aspect of the extension meets our rigorously high standards.

Construction Companies Cork
Construction Companies Cork

Meticulous Renovations

If your property needs a new lease of life, renovation may be the way forward. Unlike restorations, renovations can completely change the look and feel of a property to bring it in line with the owner’s desires.

We can strip your property down to its shell to give us a completely blank canvas to work with. You will have full control over how your property is shaped, and we will take care of all of the details. Leaving us to take care of the plumbing, wiring, and other mundane aspects of renovation will leave you free to focus on the look of the place.

Complete Project Management

As we’ve touched on already, planning a construction project is one of the most draining activities a person who is not in the trade can take on. We certainly wouldn’t recommend it for a regular home or business owner, and that’s why we are happy to take on the role for you. Our years of experience managing these kinds of projects is one of the main factors that led to our reputation as one of the best construction companies Cork has to offer, and we’re always eager to put that expertise to good use for our clients.
By taking care of all aspects of the project, we can ensure that there are no delays due to miscommunication or scheduling conflicts. From your point of view, you will have one company to deal with, and the project will seamlessly go ahead under our careful management.

Construction Companies Cork

Full and Partial Restoration Services

Even the most expertly constructed buildings in Ireland will start to look their age eventually—there is no stopping the effects of time. That being said, as one of the leading construction companies in Cork, we pride ourselves on being able to look after older builds, whether it be a beloved family home or a piece of Irish heritage through restorations.
We understand the importance of keeping the building’s original character intact when restoring and will work to keep as much of the property’s original features as possible. We can also implement touches of modern convenience where appropriate, such as electrical systems, and plumbing conveniences.

New Builds from the Leading
Cork Construction Company

New builds are the ultimate in blank canvases. Whatever you desire can, within reason, be built, so it makes sense to have the leading Cork construction company in your corner to bring your dreams to life.
As always, our builders in Cork will take care of the whole project from start to finish, leaving you to relax with the peace of mind that your new build is coming along just the way you planned due to our expertise and high standards. We will give you reasonable quotes, realistic advice, and we will ensure that the project stays on schedule.

Construction Companies Cork

Commercial Maintenance

Office maintenance, restoration, and new builds are something we have had plenty of experience with in our twenty-year history, and we have many prestigious companies in our portfolio to show for it.
No job is too small, of course. From small office fit-outs to large office block restorations or renovations, we can help you create a space that your employees and customers will be happy to come to. A space that represents your company faithfully.

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