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We are a full package contractor and will take care of every aspect of the project. This means you do not have to worry about managing multiple different contractors, and can sit back, relax, and wait for your extension to be finished. It also means we are more effective at preventing delays and budget overrun since the entirety of the project will be in our hands. 
For kitchen extensions in Cork, AD Services Building Contractors are here to make your dreams a reality. Renovate, remodel, increase the size of your home, start living. 

Reasons for Getting a Kitchen Extension

Add Value to Your Home

Creating that extra multi-functional space at the back of your home, may be the decision you will end up feeling very thankful you made. Kitchen extensions Cork can significantly increase the resale value of your house. 

Update and Modernise

A new kitchen isn’t something you get often. Getting a kitchen extension represents an opportunity to update your kitchen and bring new features that you might have been looking to incorporate. Additional space and more natural light will significantly expand the scope of what you can do with your kitchen. 

The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

It is no secret that the kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in the home, and not just because you cook and clean in there. For many homes, it’s where you eat, talk, and socialise. It makes sense that adding more space to this important room would be useful.

Avoid the Cost of Moving House

We can’t always move into the perfect home on our first try. And if a new home feels perfect at the time, situations change, families grow… pets happen. Moving house is a stressful endeavour, but kitchen extensions in Cork is an excellent alternative to looking for another place. 

Create or Improve a Multifunctional Space

The kitchen often serves many roles in the home. It can be where people eat, relax, and socialise. The addition of a kitchen extension can make your kitchen more suitable for these other uses, adding areas for sitting, reading, or just relaxing on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Bring the Outside In

One of the more popular uses for kitchen extensions in Cork is to create an indoor space that brings the outside in through the liberal use of glass. With a glass kitchen extension, you can enjoy being immersed in your garden from the comfort of your kitchen. 

Kitchen Extensions Cork: Contemporary Vs. Traditional

One decision many people find themselves having to make when getting a new kitchen is whether to go traditional or contemporary. Of course, a lot of the deciding factors come down to aesthetic preferences, but there are some practical differences to consider between the two, also

Contemporary Kitchen Extensions Cork

Contemporary kitchen designs tend to be a lot sleeker than their traditional counterpart. The shift towards minimalism and intelligent space utilisation is evident in any contemporary design, which often takes the form of hidden, unobtrusive appliances. Oven’s that sit in with the cabinets and electric hobs that look like a sheet of glass sat flush with the countertop. 

You can also expect to see more modern materials and straight lines. Modern designs tend to lean towards angular features and chunky framing with subtle colour schemes. Contemporary kitchen extensions help to bring natural light into the space and add a little of the warmth that is not as evident in contemporary as it is in traditional designs. 

Contemporary kitchens suit people who don’t like clutter but do like the satisfying aesthetic of a room where everything fits together like a sleek jigsaw puzzle. Expect to find more elaborate technology in a contemporary kitchen. 

Kitchen Extensions Cork
Traditional Kitchen Extensions Cork

Traditional Kitchen Extensions Cork

As the name suggests, a traditional kitchen looks more like what you would typically picture when you think about what a kitchen looks like. Expect much more wood to be on show than in a contemporary design, with the overall effect being a warmer feel. The colours on show will typically be more muted and earthy, but with greater variation. 
There is less of a drive to have everything out of the way with traditional designs. It will not be uncommon to see appliances and other kitchen items living on the countertop. A prime example of the difference between contemporary and traditional kitchens is the oven. Where a contemporary kitchen might have a compact, sleek, electric oven mounted into the cabinetry, a traditional kitchen would be more likely to have a big gas range cooker. Though by no means a hard rule, traditional kitchens tend to be favoured in family homes.  

Kitchen Extension Ideas

The scope of what you can do with your kitchen extension can be a bit overwhelming. When faced with so many possibilities, it is natural to find it challenging to choose between them. You may struggle with things like the size of your extension, the shape, the style of your kitchen, whether or not to have a glass extension, or perhaps all of these things.  

We can help you weigh up the pros and cons of each, using our decades of experience to highlight any potential upsides from a particular choice that may not be immediately obvious to those with little experience in the trade.

kitchen extensions In Cork
Country Kitchen Extensions Cork

Country Kitchen Extensions Cork

Though Cork is a city, it is surrounded by miles of picturesque countryside, so it makes sense that country kitchen extensions would be popular. These extensions lean on the traditional kitchen blueprint while incorporating more rustic elements, such as naturally finished wood. They are often popular in homes where the immediate view is desirable, and so bringing the outside in, as we put it earlier, is more important than ever. Country kitchen extensions in Cork tend to feature plenty of glass, letting an abundance of natural light in along with the stunning views beyond. 

Small Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen extensions in Cork do not have to be the largest possible extension you can build in the available space. Whether it is due to financial constraints, limitations of the property, a desire to not require planning permission, or simply because you don’t want a particularly large extension, small extensions are just as useful. They can add an area for relaxing in the sun, increase the space of the working area around your over and countertops, and more. 

Small Kitchen Extensions Cork

Kitchen Extensions Cork - Frequently Asked Questions

How to plan a kitchen extension?

As with many things in life, preparation is key. Try to factor in as many variables as possible, and don’t leave anything to the imagination if you can help it. For example, creating a scale plan of your kitchen, cabinets, and furniture is a great way to get a sense for how things will fit together. A 3D image of your potential kitchen also helps. Always weigh the advantages and disadvantages of any choices you make—such as whether the extra room you gain from going a little larger is worth the garden you’ll lose. 

How much to build a kitchen extension?

Of course, kitchen extensions are far from a fixed-price affair, with the price varying greatly depending on the scope of the job. However, as a general rule, you can expect to pay around €50,000 – €65,000 for a typical 40m2 kitchen extension in Cork. It is worth noting that kitchen extension cost does not scale linearly—getting a 20m2 extension will not necessarily be half the price of a 40m2 extension due to the underlying structural work being the same. The cost of a single storey kitchen extension includes much of the structural work that a two storey extension would need. 

Do I need planning permission to build a kitchen extension?

In many cases, you can build kitchen extensions without planning permission if it meets certain criteria. It can’t increase the original floor area of your house by more than 40m2, which is the main reason that kitchen extensions Ireland are rarely built larger than that. This limit applies to all extensions, so, for example, if you have previously had a 15m2 extension built, your kitchen extension cannot be more than 25m2, or you will need planning permission. Your extension also cannot be higher than your home or reduce the open space behind your house to under 25m. 

Do I need an architect
for a kitchen extension?

To the question of whether you need an architect, there is no legal requirement. Whether it would be advisable depends on the complexity and size of your extension. For small kitchen extensions of a relatively conventional design, you probably don’t need an architect, but that does not mean that an architect wouldn’t improve the project. Architects are not just employed for designing the look of a building; they are also masters of space utilisation and will be able to help you make the most of your new extension, taking the layout of your home into account. 

How long does it take to
do a kitchen extension

Again, the scope of the project will affect this significantly. As a good rule of thumb, you can expect kitchen extensions to take 10-12 weeks for a typical project. Many factors come into play when you’re talking about the length of time the extension will take beyond merely how complex the build is. One example of a lesser-known factor is the amount of work that needs doing to the ground where the extension will sit. Other factors include the size of the house that the extension is being built on to. 

What is the cost of a single
storey kitchen extension?

The cost of a single storey extension, assuming it is around the maximum area allowed without planning permission, is around €50,000 – €65,000. Some of the factors that can significantly affect this price include the number of windows in the extension—a glass kitchen extension will typically cost more than a regular extension—as well as the type of roof you choose if you have not opted for a glass extension.

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