High Quality Building Restoration Cork

With over 20 years of experience in the building trade, AD Services is a building contractor with specialised experience in building restorations in Cork. We understand that restorations are about more than renovating space, but about keeping the heart and soul of the building intact.

At AD Services, we ensure that all of our building restorations in Cork are of high quality. Being based in Cork and having served the residents and businesses for a long time, we understand the importance of our architectural heritage and strive to preserve the history that is associated with the particular building we are working on. 

Our team of experienced contractors will always look to use original materials and methods where possible, ensuring that our building restoration projects are as authentic to the original build. Where necessary, modern techniques will be used to ensure the safety and integrity of restoration, but always while maintaining the original look and feel of the space.

Building Restorations in Cork

Architecture is an important part of any culture, especially in Ireland. Fashion changes, trends come and go, but the buildings in a region can be a defining aspect for centuries to come. It should come as no surprise then, that historic building restoration is such a careful and considered practice. 

The art of restoring a building to its former glory while preserving as much of the original materials as possible is one that we have spent many years perfecting. It requires a great deal of skill, experience, and knowledge. We are proud to admit we have a great deal of knowledge about historical building techniques. 

Building Restoration Cork

Restoration and Renovation Techniques of Buildings

Perhaps one of the trickiest aspects in the restoration of old buildings is marrying the historical building techniques that were used with modern building regulations. Needless to say, not all historical building techniques would meet the stringent building regulations we have today.

Thanks to our wealth of experience, we can invariably find a way to bring structural elements in line with modern building regulations, without significantly altering the look of those elements. 


While it would be nice to be able to keep a building rooted in time, some change is inevitable. Buildings are put to different uses and require modification for safety reasons. They can undergo natural change from weathering. 

Conservation in this context is described as the sensitive management of change. The goal with conservation is not necessarily to preserve the building entirely but to keep the special characteristics that make it unique. 


Not all restoration work is concerned with preserving the existing features. Many older buildings will need work to bring them up to modern functional standards. This can include the installation (or upgrade) of electrical systems, heating systems, and other conveniences that may not have been available when the structure was first built.

Stone Building Restoration

Stone buildings—which are by far the most common kind of building to restore in Cork—present a range of challenges. Time and weather both affect the material of stone buildings. 

We understand that the stone of historical buildings tell a story, and we are very respectful when it comes to working on or replacing that stone. The frontages of city-centre buildings have come to define the look of our beloved Cork, and we—as much as our clients—are keen to preserve that look.

building restoration cork

High Quality Building Restorations in Cork

Throughout our twenty-year history, we have tackled many building restorations in Cork, from residential terraces to town-centre high street frontages. From remote farm conversions to working farm restorations. We have proudly served the residents and businesses in and around the County Cork region and will continue to do so. 

At AD Services, we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible building restoration possible, that preserves as much of the existing building as possible while ensuring that the result is as safe and secure you would expect from any modern build. 

Why Choose AD Services for your Cork Building Restoration Service?

We Are Experienced

AD Services has been in the trade for over two decades, and have had plenty of time to hone and perfect our craft. Being able to draw on our experience often enables us to quickly see solutions that less-experienced contractors might miss, which in turn saves our clients time and money.

We are Efficient

Another advantage of our experience, combined with the fact that we are an all-in-one contractor, is the efficiency with which we can carry out your projects. With AD Services, there is no waiting on thirdparty contractors or labourers, as we look after all aspects of the project.

We are Honest and Reliable

AD Services knows the value of clear and honest communication, and will always be upfront with you about budgets and timelines. When you get an estimate from us, whether it be for a restoration, a kitchen extension, or even a completely new build, it is as good as it sounds.

We Ensure Smooth Project Management

Because we take care of every aspect, we can ensure the smooth running of your project. You do not need to wrangle several contractors and fret about making schedules meet. This also gives you a single point of accountability, so you always know where to direct your questions.

Building Restoration Cork - Available Grants

GLAS Traditional Farm Buildings Grant Scheme

If you are considering restoring farm buildings, you may be eligible for this grant. The GLAS Traditional Farm Buildings Grant is available to farmers who are approved in the Green Low-Carbon Agri-Environment Scheme (GLAS) and can cover between €4,000 and €25,000 of the amount of your restoration. The amount will never be higher than 75% of the cost of the works, however, with €25,000 being the upper limit. 

Grants for restoring old farm buildings are paid out by The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, and it is available for restoration projects intended to preserve traditional farm outbuildings, which includes walls, roofs, windows, doors, and structural repairs. The grant also covers related farm structures, such as walls, gate pillars and gates, and historic yard surfaces. 

If you are unsure whether you qualify for this grant, we would be happy to assist you in any way we can. 

Financial Assistance for Architectural Heritage

For the conservation and restoration of heritage properties, grants are available to help with the financial costs. These grants are typically dealt with at the level of the local authorities. 

The Built Heritage Investment Scheme, or BHIS, is available for the repair and conservation of buildings that themselves are under the protection of the Planning and Development Act. One of these grants can cover between €2,500 and €15,000 and aims to support small-scale projects across the country, as well as the employment of skilled conservation professionals. 

Alternatively, the Historic Structures Fund, or HSF, is in place to help with the preservation and restoration of heritage structures, both publicly and privately owned. 

There are two streams available for an HSF grant, with Stream 1 offering between €15,000 and €50,000, while Stream 2 can cover between €50,000 and €200,000. 

Once again, we will be happy to assist where possible. 

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