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Space is always at a premium, and that is no less true for our homes. Finding a Cork house extensions company can be a little daunting at first, but AD Services Building Contractors aim to make this decision easier by providing the whole package. We put the utmost importance on your time and budget, and we control every aspect of the construction to ensure that we can complete the project on time and in budget.

"Renovate, remodel, increase the size of your home and start living" 

From the very beginning of the process, we will work to take the stress out of your house extension project. We will be upfront and honest about cost, helpful and forthcoming about design ideas, and generally help you plan out your dream addition while taking care of all the heavy lifting for you. You won’t need to worry about juggling several different contractors, because we take care of everything.

For house extensions Cork, AD Services Building Contractors are here to make your dreams a reality. Renovate, remodel, increase the size of your home, start living. 

House Extensions Cork Process

House extensions aren’t the kind of thing that your average home experiences often, so why not familiarise yourself with the process?

House Extension Design

We can’t all be an experienced architect, but we will help you through the design phase with all of our expertise at your disposal. Before construction workers come onsite you will have a thorough understanding of what the project will entail and an agreed plan of work. 

The Building Phase

Once we have your permission to get started, you will get to see our expertise and professionalism truly shine. We work reliably to our agreed schedules, and because we handle every aspect of the project, we can significantly reduce the risk of unforeseen delays or unplanned expenses.

Extension Completion

The last step, and arguably the most important step, is for you to enjoy living in your new extension. A lot of work has gone into this project, but now you and your family benefit from your investment, safe in the knowledge that your extension was built with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Types of House Extensions Cork

Priding ourselves on being one of the best builders of house extensions Cork has to offer, AD Services Building Contractors are always keen to make sure you make the most informed decisions about your projects. By explaining to us clearly what it is you need from your extension, we can advise you which type of extension is best for you. We will factor everything in, from your intended use, to the house extension cost. But before making an appointment to find out more; here is a closer look at some of the main types of house extension.

Front House Extensions Cork

Extensions on the front of your home require a keen eye for aesthetics, as they have the potential to completely change the look of your house. For most homes, the front is the first thing you see when you arrive, and, while we would never suggest neglecting the appearance of your extension just because it is around the back or side of your house, it is an unavoidable reality that some extra care needs to be taken when changing the “face” of your home.

House Extensions Cork
House Extensions Cork

Terraced House Extensions Cork

Building an extension onto a terrace house presents a few challenges that you don’t get from a detached or semi-detached house, but it is still possible to build a very functional attractive extension. Of course, you are limited to the front and rear of your home in these cases—and, for many terrace houses that open onto public land, you may be limited to just the rear—but an extension represents an excellent way to make the most of the limited space you have. These Cork house extensions can make your space seem larger whilst still enjoying the busy urban lifestyle. 

Semi-Detached House Extensions Cork

Semi-detached houses offer a little more flexibility when it comes to where your extension can be built – front, rear or side. Semi-detached extensions are popular for a range of uses, such as providing a warm space that is exposed to plenty of sunlight, expanding a kitchen, and, of course, adding extra rooms to a property that is feeling a little crowded. Call our Cork House Extensions team today for more information. 

House Extensions in Cork

Double Storey House Extensions Cork

Double storey extensions are a way to make the most of the available ground space you have, but they are not limited to merely extending one side of a double storey house. You can achieve a very modern look with designs that use the extension roof as a second level, perhaps a patio space. Your extension is not limited to mimicking the design of your existing home. We have no shortage of house extension ideas to give you the home you desire.

Single Storey House Extensions Cork

 As the name suggests, a single storey house extension extends to just one floor and is equally suitable for expanding the internal space of a one storey home or adding more space to the ground floor of a multi-storey home. Small house extension ideas of this type are often proposed when the owner desires a little more space—often with plenty of natural light—and can be built without taking up too much of your available land.

House Extensions Cork

Why Choose AD Services for House Extensions in cork?

We are one of the leading builders of house extensions Cork has to offer. Here’s why.


With over twenty years of experience in the construction trade, and much of that experience helping people make their home into the house of their dreams, we have plenty of knowledge and expertise when it comes to taking care of your Cork house extension project. This not only speaks to our ability to do the job at hand but also to our ability to head potential problems off before they can cause delays or inflate costs beyond any agreed budgets.


In addition to being able to ensure we stay within budget and on time, the fact that we take care of all aspects of the project ourselves also means we can be far more efficient. We do not need to deal with any problems between different contractors—such as scheduling conflicts. This reduces the chances of delays significantly and means we can focus on providing the best possible service to our clients.

Honest and Reliable

We haven’t built a reputation as one of the leading Cork house extension builders by being unreliable! We will always be upfront and honest with you. If there is a problem, we will tell you. If we think a different approach to what you had in mind might serve you better, we’ll let you know. When we take you on as a client, we have only your best interests in mind.

Smooth Project Management

Managing a project with as many moving parts as a home extension build is no small task and not one we would recommend our clients do on their own. Fortunately, with AD Services Building Contractors, you don’t have to. We will serve as your single point of contact for the work being carried out, and we will take care of all of the logistics so that you can relax and look forward to spending time in your new extension.

Frequently Asked Questions On House Extensions Cork

Naturally, with a project as big as this, there you will have many questions. We are happy to answer any queries you might have, of course, but in an effort to save you a little time, we’ve collected together some of the most commonly asked questions regarding home extensions and answered them here for you.

How much does it cost
to build a house extension?

The exact price of a house extension varies significantly depending on many factors. Given the number of variables, we can’t give an average or “rough” cost, but we can promise that we will be fully transparent about the costing of any project we take on, and you will not be caught off guard by unexpected fees.

How long does a house
extension take?

Again, the length of the project will vary depending on the size and complexity of the build. As a rough guide, a single-storey extension can be expected to take around six weeks to two months, while a two-storey extension will be more like ten weeks to three months. This can all vary depending on planning permission too. 

Do I need to move out when
a house extension takes place?

While it does sometimes happen, most house extensions do not require you to move out of your house while the project is underway. You will lose the use of the area that the extension is being built onto, however, though this should be a limited area, and not for the whole duration of the project.

Are there grants available for
house extensions in Ireland?

There are indeed grants available for house extensions in Cork &Ireland; however, they mostly revolve around work that makes a property more accessible for disabled and older people. If you think you may be eligible for a grant, we will be happy to talk through everything with you and make sure you have everything you need to apply.

What size house extension can
I build without planning permission?

The factors that come into play when determining whether planning permission is a little more complicated than mere size. For example, you don’t need planning permission for an extension at the rear of the house that doesn’t increase the floor area by more than 40m2, but there is a lot more to it than that. We will be happy to talk you through your specific project.

Do house extensions add value?

As long as a house extension is professional and to all applicable regulations, it is extremely unlikely that it will not add value to the overall property.

Do contractors do everything for house extensions from start to finish?

Not all contractors take care of the whole process from start to finish, but we do. AD Services Building Contractors aim to give you as stress-free an experience as humanly possible, so we will take care of everything for you.

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