We have 20+ years of experience in every aspect of building renovations, extensions, new builds, restorations and are proud to say we offer far more than the average builders Cork has to offer.


Home renovations and office refurbishments, can be stressful at the best of times, without having to become a project manager in your own right. AD Services Building Contractors takes that stress away by handling every part of the project. We have 20 years of experience in every aspect of building renovations and are proud to say we offer far more than the average builders Cork has to offer.

We specialise in renovations, house extensions, and new builds, and are equipped to handle a wide range of projects, from the very small to the large, and complex. By bringing all of the various services in-house, we can not only offer you a seamless, coherent project plan, but we can keep the costs down and ensure that timescales are within our control. For you, that means work finished on time and within budget. We would love to help you turn your house into your dream home, so don’t settle for just any of the builders Cork has to offer.



Kitchens are often the beating heart of a home, so it stands to reason you would want it to be perfect. With our help, you can extend your kitchen in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and functional.


We can’t all be lucky enough to buy our dream home, but with a little help from AD Services Building Contractors, we can help you make your home the stuff of dreams. Single or multi-story, small addition or full-size extension.


A sunroom — or conservatory — is a great way to add space to your home, let more natural light in, and create the perfect space to relax in the warmth and safety of your house while still enjoying the world beyond your windows.


Building outwards isn’t always practical, but building upwards is an excellent way to make use of your existing structure. Loft conversions make use of your unused loft space to create an extra room, be it a bedroom, office, or just somewhere to relax.


Whether you’ve just moved in and aren’t a fan of the previous owner’s taste in interior design, or you just fancy a change, we can handle every aspect of full and partial bathroom renovations, from plumbing to tiling and everything in between.


We have a long history of delivering full office maintenance packages, restoring and renovating office spaces, as well as performing complete fit-outs. We have worked with several prestigious companies, both for their existing offices and offices they are moving into.


We Respect Your Budget

Building and renovation projects are notorious for budget-creep. A complicated job with so many moving parts can be tricky to predict. That being said, AD Services Building Contractors work very hard to ensure that your budget is met, something we can achieve more effectively than many of the builders Cork has due to the fact that we handle all of those moving parts ourselves.

Your Schedule is Important

Renovations and building work are disruptive; there’s no denying that. This disruption is a big part of why timeframes are so important, and we understand your life can’t be put on hold because your building work is taking longer than agreed. Again, thanks to the fact that we handle every aspect of the job ourselves, we can much more effectively manage the timescales of a project than many of our competitors.

What's Best for You

We will always try to determine what you, the client, wants from their project, and make any recommendations based on those desires. Unsure whether a sunroom extension, loft conversion, or house extension is right for you? Let us know what you are looking to do with your new build, and we will help you choose the right one for you, even if that means a smaller job for us.


In some cases, there could be financial help from home improvement grants, and we will work with you to get these benefits where possible. Such grants include things like mobility aid grants, which cover things like widening doorways or adding ramps for wheelchair access, adding grab rails, and a range of other things that make a home more accessible for the less mobile members of our society.

There are also grants available for older people that cover a wide range of home repairs and improvements, such as re-wiring, roof repairs, repair or replacement of windows, and much more.

Of course, such a grant would not pay for a full extension or kitchen renovation, but we will be happy to advise you what applicable grants you may be entitled to in order to keep the costs of your project down.


Home Extensions

AD Services Building Contractors will oversee the entire project, from planning to execution, ensuring that you have a hassle-free experience and an excellent addition to your home when the project is finished. We will take care of the electrical and plumbing aspects in full, not just the tiling and cabinet installation. When we say we’re not like the average builders Cork has to offer; we’re not exaggerating. We have over 20 years experience with house extensions throughout the county. We also do sunroom extensions and loft renovations.

Builders Cork
Builders Cork


The slow process of ageing catches up to everything eventually, but you don’t need to let it ruin your property, whether it be commercial or residential. Our team of experts can completely strip your property to the shell so that it can be renovated from the ground up, ensuring everything is taken care of.

We will cover every aspect, from internal wiring, plumbing, flooring, ceiling insulation, wall plaster, right up to things like door replacements and any upgrades you might require. We do full renovations for any room, whether its a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom renovation  and we will ensure the job is done right the first time round.

Project Management

Project planning is one of the more complicated aspects of a project like this, usually made more so by the fact that a host of different contractors are involved. You may have the best independent builders Cork City can offer, but they still have to wait for the plumbers and electricians to finish before they can start dry lining your walls.

AD Services Building Contractors avoid this problem by taking care of everything in house, but you won’t need to see any of that as we will manage the whole project seamlessly from our end, ensuring that things remain in budget and on time.

Builders Cork
Builders Cork

Restoration Services

If you have need of restoration—perhaps you’ve bought yourself a fixer-upper—we have full restoration services at your disposal. From a simple garage to a protected or listed building, we can take care of it. We are committed to retaining as much of the original features of your property as possible, and always retaining the original charm and style. We can also add a range of modern conveniences to your renovated property, such as modern heating and electrical systems.

New Builds

It may not be the most modest statement ever uttered, but we genuinely believe that we are among the best, most reliable home builders Cork has to offer, and we are eager to put that experience and expertise to use for your new builds. Our team of professional tradespeople take care of every aspect of the job, ensuring things stay on schedule and within budget. We can take care of the design and planning phase, and we will always ensure that any work undertaken meets our high standards. For the top house builders Cork has, give us a call.

Builders Cork
Builders Cork

Commercial Maintenance

Having worked with many prestigious companies in our 20-year history, we have built a reputation as a trusted and reliable company for all manner of commercial maintenance work. Whether your business needs a simple fit-out prior to moving in, or a complete renovation, we can create unique spaces that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and in keeping with your company ethos. Open plan or closed plan, small office or large, we are here for you. Put your trust in one of the best construction companies Cork has to offer. 


If you are ready to discuss your next project, be it commercial or residential, small renovation or complete new build, why not give us a call. For the best builders Cork has to offer, get in touch today with AD Services Building Contractors.