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AD Services is a building contractor with over 20 years’ experience building the best-in-class loft conversion Cork has to offer. Based in Cork and serving the wider Munster region, we have been bringing our client’s dreams to reality by taking great pride in our loft conversion services.

Making high quality functional spaces through our bespoke loft conversion services

We have a wealth of experience in construction projects, from kitchen extensions to full house extensions and new builds.
From the moment you get in touch with AD Services, our aim is to make your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.
We will guide you through the various options and possibilities, as well as give you a single point of contact and accountability.

In other words, we take care of the entire process. We will tailor the project to suit your needs, while ensuring that we stay within budget and on time to deliver your dream loft conversion.

The Loft Conversion Process


Not many of our loft conversion in Cork are the same, so we will work with you to ensure that we understand exactly what you are looking for and plan your bespoke conversion.


Once we know the plan of attack, we begin designing your new loft. During this process, we can provide you with detailed drawings, so you know exactly what you are getting. 


Once you are happy with the design, we move onto the construction stage. We will ensure you have a timeline of the project and how much it will cost. 

How Much is the Average Loft Conversion?

There are different kinds of loft conversions to consider, and the style of conversion you choose will greatly affect the cost. The most significant differences are between a habitable and non-habitable conversion, with the latter being less expensive. 

A non-habitable conversion—such as you would use for storage—will typically cost around the €15,000 mark, whereas a habitable conversion, which might include a bedroom and bathroom, or perhaps just one large room, could be between €30,000 and €45,000. 

Some other factors that affect the price are roofline adjustments, the type of loft conversion you desire, the size and the choice of materials used. 

Loft conversion cork

What Planning Permission do I Need for a Loft Conversion?

In most cases, you will need planning permission for a loft conversion in Cork. There are certain situations where it is possible to get a loft conversion without planning permission, but given how often that is not the case, it is best to assume that you will need planning permission until you have been informed otherwise. 

Planning permission is important, not just because it is illegal to have a conversion completed without one, but you will also be required to produce the planning permission should you ever decide to sell the property. 

It is also necessary to ensure your loft conversion in Cork meets all the regulations for this kind of renovation, such as the angle of any stairs leading to the loft and any structural changes needed to make the conversion happen. Failure to meet these regulations could decrease the value of your property, and you would be legally required to have the problem areas fixed. Of course, AD Services would ensure that everything is up to the relevant regulatory standards in the first place. 

Why Choose AD Services for A Loft Conversion cork?

If a need for a loft conversion in Cork? Here’s why you should pick AD Services.


Thanks to our two decades of experience being one of Cork’s premier construction companies, we have the experience needed to ensure your loft conversion in Cork goes smoothly, is completed in a timely manner and within the agreed budget.


Because we take care of all aspects of the project, we not only save you the hassle of having to handle many moving parts, but we can also ensure that everything goes to plan. There is no waiting on third-party contractors when AD Services handles your project. 

Honest and Reliable

We know how important reliability is for expensive projects like a loft conversion, which is why we have carefully guarded our honest reputation over the years. We will always be up front with you about timescales and budgets, so you will never have any unexpected shocks. 

Smooth Project Management

You won’t have to worry about dealing with several contractors, material suppliers, and everything else when handling the project. We take that stress, so you can relax, and look forward to spending time in your new loft conversion.

Loft Conversions Cork - Frequently Asked Questions

Can every house have a loft conversion?

Not every loft is suitable for a loft extension, though some lofts can be significantly modified to make them suitable, such as raising the roofline to accommodate. The most common reasons a loft would be unsuitable are it being too small, too low, or an unusual shape.

How much is the average loft conversion?

The prices of a typical loft conversions in Cork vary, with a non-habitable extension typically being around €15,000. A habitable extension could be as much as €30,000, and a loft conversion bedroom and ensuite could get up to around €45,000. Other factors include the size of the extension and the materials used.

What planning permission do I need for a loft conversion?

Not all loft conversions need planning permission, but most do. If you are converting your loft into a habitable room, you will almost certainly need planning permission, whereas non-habitable conversions often don’t. A lack of proper planning permission can cause difficulty when attempting to sell your home. 

How much to do a loft conversion?

There are many answers to how much is an average loft conversion, but the middle ground would typically fall somewhere in the €30,000 to €35,000 range. It is possible to have a conversion that is considerably lower or higher than that. 

What’s the minimum height for a loft conversion?

In order to convert your loft into a habitable space without raising the roofline first, you will need a minimum height of at least 2.4 metres. This is a building regulation, and you will not be able to legally convert your loft if the height is less than this amount. 

Can any house have a loft conversion?

Not all houses can support a converted loft, with small, low, and oddly shaped roofs being typically unsuitable. In the case of low roofs, it is possible to raise the roofline to accommodate a conversion. 

Can I raise my roof height for a loft conversion?

In most cases, the height of your roof can be raised to accommodate a loft conversion. However, there are situations where this is not the case, such as on buildings that are protected structures, or where raising the roofline would cause problems with surrounding infrastructure. 

Do I need an architect for a loft conversion?

Architectural drawings are not a legal requirement for converting a loft, but you may still find them to be a necessity. This is especially the case if your conversion changes the external appearance of your home, as this will involve stricter scrutiny, and an architect can save you money by ensuring your design ticks all of the necessary boxes in the first place.

Does a loft conversion add value to your home?

If the conversion is done professionally, is up to regulation, and has all the proper planning permission documentation, it will certainly add value to your home. 

How long to do a loft conversion?

As a rough guide, you can expect a typical loft conversion to take between one and two months. For loft conversions that involve work on the outside of the property, adverse weather conditions can affect the time it takes to complete.

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